This weeks prompt is MOTHER NATURE.

You can’t fight nature. If mother nature decides to go this way humans can’t go against it.

We, as humans keep on trying to change natures way without thinking about the consequences. My piece of writing happened in 2016. After the few horrific days, I’ve written it down as follows:


13/11/2016 and after

Sunday morning 10:30 am, I reported at Plateau School. Yearly Gala!  I was responsible for the bouncing castle, 11-1 o’clock.  It rained, stopped, drizzled and a bit of sunshine during those two hours.

The afternoon my children dropped in for a cup of tea. My border came home just after seven.

Sunday evening(13/11/2016) after a busy day, I went off to bed at about 10:30 not knowing what the night would bring two hours later.

I woke up just after 12 o’clock. My bed was swaying, Trompie, my dog, picked up his head. I felt the bed moving and the walls shaking. It sounded as if the house was going to collapse. Then Trompie gave a fierce bark. Earthquake! We jumped out of bed. I did not switch on the light and told Trompie to get out of the way. He kept close to me. I stood in the passage waiting for the worst.The shaking subsided.  I decided to go to the bathroom because nature was calling.

It kept on rolling underneath. We went back to bed. Then my border came out of his room. He got a message from his wife in Christchurch asking how he was. He told me that it had been the worst quake he had experienced.

We went back to bed. The whole night aftershocks kept on rolling underneath. One of my pot plants had tumbled to the floor, and my books on my bookshelf moved and nearly tumbled down.

Monday morning my alarm went off. I did my usual morning rituals.  My border told me that he could not go into Wellington. The news on the radio said that no trains were running and the roads into Wellington were closed down.

Just after seven, I received a call that there would be no Before School Care but the school would be open. I told the secretary that I would anyway go in case some parents had not received the message.

It is about ten minutes drive to school from my home. I arrived just before 7:30 am. At 7:45 am a board member came to check the building. He brought his two young children with him. While he checked the school, I kept an eye on the two boys. Then a parent turned up with his little girl. He had not read the message about Before school care being closed. I told him it would be okay; I would look after her and keep her safe.

Teachers started to arrive just before eight.

I went home at 8:15. Aftershocks kept coming and going. I went back to After School Care in the afternoon. There were twelve children till about 4.30 that afternoon.

Tuesday morning I went back for Before School care. It was wet; heavy torrential rain kept pouring down. I was so tired and did not feel up to going back for the afternoon session. Lucky for me the school called, I did not need to come because most children were picked up before lunchtime. Everybody was warned about the oncoming bad weather. The rain caused havoc with flooding and causing slips on the roads. Wellington was cut off. In the meantime, more earthquakes kept on coming and going. Two strong quakes shook us at 1.15 and 1.30 pm.

Now it is Wednesday evening, we survived another exciting day of tremors and a bit of dry weather. I am happy to say that I am well but tired.   Looking after children and keeping them all safe and content for the last three days was very stressful.

This happened a bit more than a year ago.



17 responses to “Mother Nature-Train Of Thought: Week 06”

  1. Nitin Nair Avatar

    Well written and really scary experience. I am glad everyone was safe and it went well at the end.

    Thank you for participating in the #TrainOfThoughts challenge. Can’t wait to read more from you. 🙂


    1. Avatar

      Thanks for your kind words.


  2. rondomtaliedraai Avatar

    Hoe laat staan jy soggens op? Of hoe laat is jy soggens wakker?


    1. Avatar

      Ek het jou geantwoord vanoggend op Whatsapp

      Liked by 1 person

  3. travel460 Avatar

    Dis interessant om iemand wat ek effens ken se vertelling oor daardie tyd te lees. Soveel meer persoonlik. Ek kon my letterlik indink hoe jy moes voel.


    1. Avatar

      Ek het nog vergeet om by te voeg hoeveel skade daar in Wellington was en nog steeds is. Sal n vinnige opvolg vandag byvoeg.


  4. Kameel Avatar

    Oooo jy is ‘n brawe vrou… ek sou ook onder my bed gebly het. Jou toewyding is definitief merkwaardig.
    Net ‘n paar dae terug gewonder hoe vêr is die skool van jou huis af.


    1. Avatar

      Dink jy dit sal help om onder die bed te bly? Ek twyfel. Dit wys jou ook hoe aanpasbaar mens is. Dis egter regtig scary. Die slag met Christchurch se skudding Het ek in my gang gesit en kyk hoedie mure heen en weer geruk word. Ek moes bly sê: Dis okay Trompie! Moenie worry nie!.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. HesterLeyNel Avatar

    “[An] exciting day of tremors” – you are a very brave person; I would’ve stayed under my bed for the whole day.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Avatar

      Daar was baie skade in Wellington self. Ouens kon vir weke nie by hul werkplekke uitkom nie. Gelukkig dat dit in die nag was en nie in die dag terwyl die geboue vol mense was nie.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. HesterLeyNel Avatar

        Ek kan nogal dink hoe so ‘n klomp paniekerige mense mekaar sal vertrap.


        1. Avatar

          Gladnie lekker nie, probleem is dit versprei soos n veldbrand onder n groep bang mense.

          Liked by 2 people

  6. Anne Avatar

    An interesting firsthand account.


    1. Avatar

      Very scary. You can do nothing to stop it. Mother nature goes her way as she wants it.


  7. Tannie Frannie Avatar

    Jou toewyding is iets besonders!


    1. Avatar

      Ag dankie Frannie. Hul sê ook nood leer bid. Dis ook maar vertrou dat alles goed afloop. Hoe sal dit nou wees as mens as volwassene histeries raak(sommige mammies kan dit so maklik doen) maak dit net sleg vir almal.


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