New dog friend.

On our walk this weekend we met a new friend.

11 responses to “New dog friend.”

  1. Jy weet, jy is ń dierbare mens, Inneke.


    1. Dankie, diere le my na aan die hart!


  2. Inneke dis ‘n skaap daardie


    1. Lyk nogal so met al die wolle. Ongelukkig blaf hy/sy!


    1. Looks a bit old and stressed!


  3. Lovely to see you out and about making friends Trompie!


    1. Thanks Amanda, I’m always out and about with Mum. We have met many regular dogs since moving into our new place!

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  4. Dis ook ‘n pragtige hond!!


    1. Lyk bietjie verwaarloos. Mense het onlangs ingetrek dis dalk maar hoekom hy so bietjie “sleg” lyk.

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      1. Ook maar ‘n aanpassing vir hom!

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