Read me a story!

Sunday Bea and her parents visited the sick Ouma. It was the first time that Bea came into my lounge and discovered her own shelve with her BOOKS. She enjoyed running from the shelve to one of us showing the books. Then it was time for reading. She picked up a book, jumped on her mum’s lap and started paging while mum tried reading.


The photos are not very clear because Bea kept on moving and wiggling.

14 responses to “Read me a story!”

  1. I hope you are feeling better now, Ineke! Get well!


    1. I’m feeling much better. I went to work the past week but it was tiresome because I wasn’t 100%. Thanks for the get well wishes.


      1. Take it easy. We don’t want you to relapse! It is hard work with the kids! Plenty of vitaminC too!!


        1. Thanks, I’m trying to slow down but you know how it goes. The weather was miserable the whole weekend. I went back to bed for halve the morning and afternoon. Feeling a bit more rested now. I’ll put the poetry on tomorrow!

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          1. Good weather for resting inside!!


  2. Jammer om te hoor jy is siek. Klink darem of dit beter gaan, veral met so ‘n dierbare patroontjie om Ouma op te kikker!


    1. En hoe! Sy maak my dag . Regte besige Bytjie en dan daardie gesiggie wat alles vertel wat sy nog nie in woorde kan se nie

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  3. Ja wat, dit gaan tonne beter. Wys jou net wat n bietjie regte medisyne en rus kan doen.


  4. Glimlag ek…. Begin soos ‘n Rooikappie storie. Gelukkig het die wolf ouma nie geeët nie…. en Bea het sowaar haar eie boekrak met boeke. Goeie ouma!!!!


    1. Ha ha, die hoes wolf het amper die ouma opgevreet. Niebesef mens kan so sonder ophou hoes nie. Moes my lekens self kalmeer en ontspan om dit oor tekry. Nou nog sommer vies vir die dr wat ek eerste gesien het.

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  5. Hoop “the sick Ouma” is al baie beter!


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