Net Penpunt het hierdie keer n bydrae gelewer. Sy was egter so oulik om dit in Afrikaans en dan ook in Engels te doen. BAIE DANKIE ek waardeer jou deelname baie.

Amanda at

made the roundup for July

July is a month where many in both hemispheres take holidays, the temperate south freezes a little, while the subtropical south basks in dry warm daytime temps, and the temperate north experiences its long daylight hours of summertime. Great for relaxing and taking it easy. Perhaps some of our other contributors are also on holiday.

So I invite you to take a look at this month’s submissions who join in with the

A and I Poetry challenge for this month.

A and I Poetry Challenge


The Prompt for July was to: –

Turn on the radio to any channel.

Write a poem inspired by the first thing you hear


Photo by Gratisography on


Featured Poet – Tafazul Mattoo

Tafazul is an engineering student from Kashmir who loves to draw and write. His poetry is so very interesting to read. You can find more of his work at his blog, here.

Not sure if he should begin,
frightened about the endings.
He dipped his brush in the air filled with melancholy,
painting his chaos on her heart.
She followed the chaos.

Lucerne lights

its a labyrinth

that is what she thought
only frightened about the beginnings,
but they both were stuck in a maze

at different dead ends.

_Tafazul Mattoo


I am including another link to a poem of Tafazul’s here as it is definitely worth a read!

Ju – Lyn is celebrating with lots of luscious imagery here –

Manja took us on a trip to Trieste –

Amanda at Penpunt writes bilingually in Afrikaans and English, with her poem that makes readers think more deeply about the back story of conflict in her submission. A must read.

If you have written a poem in July and would like a link included here, please leave a comment.

August Poetry Prompt posted next week here and on


8 responses to “Poësie uitdaging Julie opsomming. Poetry Challenge July Roundup.”

  1. HesterLeyNel Avatar

    Ineke, I started writing a poem and then I wrote a limerick, but I wasn’t satisfied with either of these two, so I didn’t publish. I will finish them for August. July was a traumatic month, not least of all because I am still sharing internet with the neighbours. I lodged a complaint with ICASA (the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa) today and they already escalated my case to Telkom, but all I can do is wait. I trust you are feeling better and will also be back on track next month.


    1. Avatar

      Not to worry. July wasn’t the best month for you. Hopefully things get sorted.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Manja Mexi Movie Avatar

    As I’ve notified Amanda, the link that should lead to me and my Trieste leads to some place else. I’d appreciate if you fixed it. Thank you very much!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Bondelsgedagtes Avatar

    Hi Scrapydo, ek hoop nie ek pluk nou weer ‘n lat vir my bas nie maar link my op met hierdie uitdagings asb?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Avatar

      Jy volg mos my blog?As jy sien dat ek die nuwe uitdaging opsit vir die maand het jy n hele maand tyd om die gedig te skryf. Dis lekker pret. Ek het net hierdie maand nie daarby uitgekom nie. As jy geskryf het sal ek jou beduie hoe om te link. Dis nie moeilik nie, Dis net die eerste keer wat soos n berg lyk. Ek sal jou ook ekstra herinner as dit tyd is.


      1. Bondelsgedagtes Avatar

        Ag jy is ‘n skat baie dankie. Ek het jou raad nodig met my boek en het vir Hester gevra vir jou whatsapp no…


        1. Avatar

          Jong jy moet eintlik my suster Tina- Rondomtaliedraai- vra vir die no. Ek het op haar aandrang dit gekry en gebruik dit net met haar(ek is ook maar skrikkerig vir al hierdie moderne tegnologie.


          1. Bondelsgedagtes Avatar

            Vir jou nommer? Sal haar eers moet gaan soek en follow. Maar sal jy haar sê om v my die nommer te gee?


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