Lady Duck basking in the sun.

Arriving at school just before 3 pm Lady Duck was on the fence basking in the bit of sunshine. She just stood up, stretched her legs when I opened the car door.

“Quak, quak!” she said and down she went going on with her basking! The creek flows at the other side of the fence.



18 thoughts on “Lady Duck basking in the sun.

  1. I like the way you have captured “Lady Duck”, Ineke. It adds interest seeing her through the opened car door. I suppose she’s making the most of every little ray of sunshine at this time of year. It’s winter in your part of the world, I believe. Here, it has been ridiculously hot and we’d all welcome a little bit of “cool” right now.


    1. Yes, winter is still in full swing here. Wet, windy and still icy cold. This morning the daddy duck was walking around at school near the fence. When I went home an hour later it was mummy duck sitting on the fence. We are soon going to have some ducklings crossing the parking space.


      1. I’m sure the children at your school will be delighted to see the ducklings – although it sounds as though it could prove a little difficult to park when they arrive. I can imagine the scene!


        1. Last year the ducklings crossed the parking place, they used the porches in front of the classroom to walk around with hordes of children ooooo and aaaaaaing. Poor things were totally overwhelmed by the noise.


          1. Oh, I can well imagine that scene, too. I’m sure the ducklings will soon get used to the noise. Kiddies adore baby animals and and I love to see the delight on their faces.


            1. They are kind of used to the noises because the nest is at the other side of the fence. But you know how the children are they all want to hold them. The mummy just wants to take them to the other side of the school because the creek runs underground and she wants them at the other side where it is open waters and space. Then the cats and dogs take over and catch them . Sad, but that’s life for them.


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