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Each year Plateau School has for six weeks, one hour per week, an Enrichment period.

The sessions stretch from knitting, building robots, web pages, photography, painting, bush walks, designing, reading maps and whatever is different from the real school periods. Volunteers(mostly parents) show or help children to do things they have never tried before. Each child had to decide which session they would attend.

The sessions are the last hour of the day, on Mondays this year.

I volunteered to help them to write their own stories.

Eleven children are attending my sessions. Two boys and nine girls. They are in year four and five.

We started two weeks ago.

The first period was just an introduction to what they could expect.

I want them to write at least three stories. Then I’m going to help them to put it in a book with a cover, front page, content and maybe an introduction.

writing clipart

  1. We started off by brainstorming the ideas what they are going to write about
  2. Then the first sentence or paragraph to hook the reader into the story.
  3. Next is the body or what happened.
  4. Last paragraph, the ending where the story is rounded off.

The second period was the past week. I explained to them that writing a story is like making a sandwich. They had to tell me what they would need for the sandwich.

The top slice is the sentence in which they explain who is in the story and also to hook the reader in by just giving away a little bit of the story

The yummy middle part is where all the deliciousness lies. All the action of the story and then the bottom slice is where the main character wins the battle or is saved.

I am going to edit the stories just a little bit so that the pieces make sense. I received my first stories and am astounded by how good they are.  I’m also going to put some stories on my blog to show how good they are.

Clip Art

At the end of the six weeks, I want to publish a book with all their stories in it. It could be a good Christmas present at the end of the year.



9 responses to “Children writing stories. Introduction.”

  1. johannawritest Avatar

    Cool account !!!


  2. Forestwood Avatar

    Fantastic idea, and you are the perfect person to do it with them, being a published author already!! Well done, Ineke.


    1. scrapydo2.wordpress.com Avatar

      Thanks, Amanda I feel honoured to do this with them, They enjoy every moment of it.


  3. woordnoot Avatar

    This is a brilliant idea…our children must be taught from an early age to write and tell their stories!! I love it!@


    1. scrapydo2.wordpress.com Avatar

      I enjoy working with these kids. There are 11 children age 8 – 11 years. At first, some were unsure about it all but after the third session, it’s getting better and better. They are excited because they know it’s going to be put into their own book.


  4.  Avatar

    https://www.facebook.com/76140493745/posts/10156725998998746/You go girl, the book idea sounds great. Beryl


    1. scrapydo2.wordpress.com Avatar

      Thank you Beryl. I’m glad you made a comment on my blog!


  5. HesterLeyNel Avatar

    This is an excellent way to promote language and writing skills for young children. They will be so proud to see their stories in print.


    1. scrapydo2.wordpress.com Avatar

      You should have seen their faces when I showed them my books I put together the last six years! They are very excited.

      Liked by 2 people

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