Spring indeed!




Trompie agrees with the spring idea.


Kowhai tree

Kōwhai (Māori pronunciation: [kɔːɸai] or [kɔːfai]) are small woody legume trees within the genus Sophora that are native to New Zealand. There are eight species, with Sophora microphylla and S. tetraptera being the most recognised as large trees. Their natural habitat is beside streams and on the edges of forest, in lowland or mountain open areas.[1] Kōwhai trees grow throughout the country and are a common feature in New Zealand gardens. Outside of New Zealand, kōwhai tend to be restricted to mild temperate maritime climates.

The blooms of the kōwhai are widely regarded as being New Zealand’s national flower,[2] although they have no official status as such.[3]

The word kōwhai is also used in the Māori language for the colour yellow, because of the colour of the flowers.[4]

The spelling kowhai (without a macron) is common in New Zealand English.


25 thoughts on “Spring indeed!

      1. My dogter het gistermiddag aangekom. Jong Scrapy, ek sukkel bietjie met die aankope, is oorversigtig. Maar vandag en môre is my 2 belangrike dae by die naweekmark.


  1. Oh, Trompie, we love Spring and everything in bloom and your picture makes it look even more beautiful ❤ Autumn started now for us and it storms, so I won't be out for a while…I suppose 😀 Pawkisses for a Happy Weekend to the both of you 🙂 ❤


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