Poetry Challenge – October Prompt

This is the last month of our A & I Poetry Challenge. Enjoy.

11 responses to “Poetry Challenge – October Prompt”

  1. I am in the throws of moving into a rental after some delays with the previous move. I must try to find time to write asap. Did you send me a message visa messenger. There are a few scams around, so I wasn’t sure if it was really you. My cousin Sandra, ( you might remember her ) got hacked and I had a very strange conversation with someone pretending to be her!! Weird. How is you poem coming along this month?


    • Sorry to hear that your moving isn’t going like planned but I think at the end it will be worth the delay! It isn’t me sending the messages. This scammer is making my time on FB unpleasant. He/she is sending messages to all my few friends. I changed my password twice and it is still going on. Everyone reported it to FB too. I’m going to close my FB page tonight. Then my poetry is not coming along at the moment. Three weeks ago I got shingles and I’m still not feeling myself. It’s much better but not over yet. I finished my medication yesterday and Will go back to see the doctor next Tuesday if it hasn’t cleared up.


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