20 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Morning walk beauty

  1. What a gorgeous flower, Ineke! Such a lovely walk you had yesterday! Wish I was there to join you and have a chat!
    I have posted a reminder post about the final challenge in the poetry challenge series. Timely too as I see another writing challenge starts next month and contributors perhaps would not want to join in on both. I have yet to write my final poem. Not easy… but fun to imagine! I hope to do that asap. Have a lovely day,


    1. I love my walks every day. Would have been awesome if you could join but I know it is not possible. Still, I walk with you in my mind. Talking and telling about these beautiful scenes. I hope to put the round up soon. I’m starting NaNoWriMo today – 10 am . Hopefully, I’ll do the first 166o words.

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      1. That is a wonderful idea! Walking with me in your mind. Something I will try as well on my walks with Rebel. The writing challenge, which I have trouble saying, remembering and writing sounds like fun! Well done to you! Are you writing in Afrikaans?


        1. I do the talking to you because Trompie knows that you’ve got a friend like him and we communicate in silence. Trompie knows when I’m walking in my own world of thoughts. He’ll stop walking,look around at me and waits till I catch up with him. The more I think, the slower I walk, Ha ha. Yes i’m doing it in Afrikaans because it’s easier for me to just write without worrying about how things are called etc.

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          1. Trompie is such a sweet boy! And so intuitive! I can understand it would be easier for you in Afrikaans, as it would just flow easier! If I had to write a story in Norwegian/Danish, I would struggle to get any expression in it. I think it would end up more like a report or recount!! Do you have a set topic, or is it just free writing?


            1. I’m doing my second part of my Memoir. Primary and Secondary school, Teachers College and if not enough I’ll do the first few teaching years. I have many stories about my school years. Fingers crossed that I’ll reach the 50 000 word count this month. It’s ten now and I better start my session!

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              1. Those stories would be so interesting to read. I will have to put your post through the translator to read them! 50 000 words is a great achievement. Very well done! How are the book sales going?


                1. I intend to translate it anyway like I did with my first part. I’ not really into selling my books at the moment. I want to put the part in one bundle at the end en try to sell it like that. I enjoy doing it and that’s more than enough to me at the moment.


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