Friendly Friday Photo Challenge: Revisited


A visit from a dear friend. I met Amanda, my special blog friend, and her daughter Heidi in 2013. I showed them around Upper Hutt and we had a lovely time together. It was as if we’re old friends. We couldn’t stop talking.

2013 Sawmillers & Stonestead

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16 responses to “Friendly Friday Photo Challenge: Revisited”

  1. Such wonderful memories. Great to see all those photos again! It doesn’t seem like that long ago. Wish I lived closer so I could visit there again for scones and tea with you, Ineke. Thanks for joining in.


  2. That must have been a nice visit with een lekker kopje thee😺How are you Trompie? Are you feeling better after the visit to the vet? Here comes a double Pawkiss especially for you and for your mom🐾🐾😽💞


    • I love these kopjes thee met vriende! I’m still itchy at times, I wish these pills clear it up faster. Takes time. I’m going to the groomers on Wednesday for a haircut and a good bath. Keep warm all of you because winter isn’t over for you yet. It’s hot, hot, very hot here during the day. High five and extra lick for your grams.

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    • Dis n pragtige plek. Ongelukkig het die mense die plek verkoop en het dit amper n jaar toe gestaan. Dit het darem weer die teetuin oopgemaak maar my kwiltwinkel sal nooit weer daar wees nie. Het nog nie gaan teedrink en gaan kyk nie.

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