Jewelry and Bea

I had a lovely hour with Bea this morning. She adores my old jewelry. Today she didn’t want the bracelets around her arm. She pulled off her sock and told me to put it around her ankle. Then she pulled off the second sock and I had to put another one around the other ankle.

This bracelet is already 63 years old. I received it on my tenth birthday.

I bought the next one at an ostrich farm near Oudtshoorn in 1969

Both feet!

11 thoughts on “Jewelry and Bea

  1. Oh, Trompie and Ineke, those are beautiful bracelets and they look so good on those little pawsies…eh, ankles. We’re so glad you visit today, so we finally could visit you again. We were thinking of the both of you, but never really made it to your bloggie. We’re going to sign up by email, so that we see each other more. For now Pawkisses for a Happy Pentecost Sunday to the both of you🐾😽💞


    1. Ohhh, Thank you for the visit. We also have not done much the last few months in the blogger world. Mom is getting “older” and can only focus on one thing at a time. Her focus is more on work with kids than anything else because that’s where she earns her money! Hopfully she’ll let me visit more regularly too! High paws my good friend. Love to grams too.


  2. Those are just gorgeous bracelets and I think Bea must have just started a new fashion! 😀
    Absolutely beautiful photos. Lots of hugs and kisses from me and Mom for you and Trompie. 😊😘😍💕


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