School stories: Art and a mouse

Before School Care had an artist in the form of an always busy(mischievous) six year old boy. He was so into building the octopus and shark that he didn’t want to pack up to go to his classroom.


The afternoon I had a chat with one of the teachers. I asked her about the behavior of two girls from her class. After the discussion the teacher told me that she wanted to release a tiny field mouse that she caught in her classroom that morning. It was drizzling outside and she went just around the corner of her classroom, into some foliage. She opened the box and the mouse jumped out. Ran along the wall; sniffed at the corner; crossed the footpath; straight onto the veranda and into another classroom! We stood giggling because the teacher in that classroom is afraid of mice.

This morning the teacher came to before school classroom. She told me that she caught the mouse in a trap last night and set it free far away from the classroom. We couldn’t help laughing and giving a sigh of relieve for the catch again.

11 responses to “School stories: Art and a mouse”

  1. Ek sou ook ‘n muisvalletjie gestel het. 🤔 Nie baie lief vir muise nie!!!


    1. Hier moet alles mos “beskerm” word. Dis mos nie n goeie voorbeeld vir kinders om die ding dood te maak nie. Ek sit vir hul gif neer waar Trompie dit nie kan kry nie.

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  2. How I would love to play with that octopus and shark. It’s just beautiful! It looks like that little boy had lots of fun. 😀

    Clearly they didn’t have me or Russel there. hahaha! We would have caught that mouse quickly, but with no promise that it would be still alive, so maybe it’s better that way. 😀


    1. I would also have given it one “hap” and it would have been gone. We could enjoy a lovely race around with it.(Caught in a mouse trap that night and was killed instantly)

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  3. Need some help, Trompie and Ineke😺Pawkisses for a Happy Wednesday to the both of you🐾😽💞


    1. Thanks for wanting to help but the lady put a trap and it killed the little mouse. Licks and heaps of love.


  4. Mmmm, ek hoop hy vind nie weer sy pad na een van die klasse toe nie!


    1. Het vandag gevra, hy oorlede muis. Sy het n muisvalletjie vir hom gestel


      1. Beter so! Hou nie van muise nie


        1. Nee wat ek soek hul ook nie in alles nie. Hul kan darem baie verniel en vuilsmeer.


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