Frost this morning

This morning was -2 in Upper Hutt. Frost everywhere and cold too.

Trompie walking on the frozen grass.

A strange walker on the pavement!

Late afternoon at school.(about 4 o’clock pm)

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18 responses to “Frost this morning”

  1. OMC Trompie, you need moonboots😺We always forget that it’s Winter where you live. I could send you some warm Pawkisses, but the Heatwave has gone and the temperatures have dropped to almost furreezing…in comparisson of the earlier weather, but will share some Warm hearted Pawkisses anyway🐾😽💞 Have a wonderful day my furriends ❤


  2. Wat my altyd opval van foto’s wat in die buiteland geneem is, is die heel paaie, die skoon omgewing. Maak nie saak by watter hek ek uitloop nie, daar le altyd iets om op te tel. Gelukkige Trompie.


    • Ons geniet die skoonheid hier. Die belasting-geld word vir herstel van paaie gebruik. Elkeen sorg ook dat sy gemors nie rondwaai nie. Daar is natuurlik die enkele ouens wat hul wegneem etes se papiere by motor se vensters uitgooi.


  3. I have no idea what frost even feels like, but it sure looks cold and I won’t mind. Trompie looks so cool and Mom and I love the surroundings there. So beautiful. 😀

    Thanks for sharing and lots of wet kisses and hugs for you and Trompie. 😘😘😘


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