Bea and her rocking horse.

I had a wonderful time looking after Bea while Daddy worked in the garage. At first we played with her play dough. Just after eleven Daddy came in to have a cup of coffee. Bea took Daddies hand and led him to the bedroom. She wanted to ride on the rocking horse.

Bea helped Daddy to carry the horse to the lounge.

Then it was time for the ride.

Bea loved the soft hairy mane of the horse. She kept on touching the mane forgetting that she was riding the horse.

Then she got tired, turned the horse on its side and curled up next to it. I covered them with her blanket.

Sweet little girl!

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20 responses to “Bea and her rocking horse.”

    • She is soooo cute! Mum adores her but I feel kind of jealous because mum gives her more attention than I like. I want to play with her but I also want to push her away from Mum. Have an lovely week dear Binks. High paws and some special licks.

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    • Dankie Frannie sy is regtig pragtig. Op oomblik ignoreer sy haar Pappa wat hom ongelukkig maak. Het hom gese dis maar hoe dit gaan. Sy weet nie hoe om uiting te gee aan haar spontane gevoel van liefde vir hom nie. Sal ook weer verby gaan. Voorbeeld is ook dat ek die bersie mag oorgooi maar Pappa moenie eers probeer nie,

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