Are you going to join me next month and see if we can finish 50 000 words during the 30 days of November? I am going to write in Afrikaans and all about my years from my study years up to the last year in South Africa. That would be a stretch from 1965 up to 2008.

National Novel Writing Month 2019

NaNo Prep 101 Workshop

Are you getting ready to write with us this November? Whether this is your first time tackling a novel or your fifteenth, our NaNo Prep 101 Workshop is here to help you get ready to reach that 50,000-word goal.

It’s October, which means that National Novel Writing Month is just one month away!

Are you writing a novel with us in November? Let the world know by updating your social media profiles with this participant flair! (We have a square icon image, as well as banners sized for Facebook and Twitter). 

You can also announce your project on the brand new NaNoWriMo website! If you haven’t seen it yet, log into with your existing username and password (or create a new one if you don’t have an account). You can go to “My NaNoWriMo” > “Projects”, and click the “Announce new project” button at the top.

Not sure what you want to write about yet? Don’t freak out! We’ve got a lot of resources to help you prep for writing a novel this month with our NaNo Prep 101 workbook and exercises. 


2 responses to “NANOWRIMO 2019 starts November 1”

  1. Stories Uit My Wereld Avatar

    Ek wil begin. Help?


    1. Avatar

      Dis goed om te hoor. Jy moet eers vinnig voor die 1e Nov jou lidmaatskap invul en voltooi. Dit kos niks nie. Dan begin jy elke dag skryf van 1e Nov af. Hul bied “badges” aan vir elke dag wat jy geskryf het. Dis ongeveer 1800 per dag om op einde 50 000 te kry. Dis n lekker uitdaging om jou te laat volhou met skryf. Verlede jaar my skooldae en studiejare geskryf. O en dit maak nie saak watter taal nie. Dit gaan oor die hoeveelheid woorde en die eindstreep.


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