High Tea

I am not English and never had the experience to go to an English High Tea. Two weeks ago I received an invitation:

Today was the day for the High Tea, I thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon.

12 responses to “High Tea”

  1. What a beautiful letter from Jordan. High teas are a delight.


    1. I also thought it was a lovely invitation. He was a lovely boy too going to intermediate next year. The tea was very special too.


      1. A good memory and proof you are a great mentor to him.


        1. I knew him for four years now. His older sister was also in After and before school with me. She is also a lovely young women now.


          1. Sounds like a lovely family.


            1. Lovely family indeed. Mother is a artist and teacher while dad does off-road racing as a hobby. He destroyed his last car and doesn’t want to put more money on it. Jordan loves this racing. He can’t wait to join in the fun.


              1. Oh that is a scary prospect for his Mum


                1. His dad had some bad experiences already and he doesn’t want to learn from it.

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  2. Yummy eierbroodjies! Lyk baie lekker en spesiaal!


    1. Was beslis spesiaal gewees. Het jy briefie van die seuntjie gelees?

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  3. Luvvilee!! I only ever had high tea on The Blue Train, nowhere else.

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