JusJoJan 2/20 – a Photo

A Photo

My precious grand daughter Bea(no, correction Beatrix) visited me for about an hour on the farm. It was to hot to be outside so we sat inside drinking a cold drink. While the adults were discussing the past week while visiting Beas other grand parents in Cambridge, New Zealand, she played with ouma’s scrap booking things. All concentration to try and fit the pieces, which don’t fit at all.

Around my arm will fit better!

Come and join in the fun this month.

For more information please click the following link.

33 thoughts on “JusJoJan 2/20 – a Photo

      1. Laat my dink aan ons Jes wanneer ek haar opgepas het. Ek het ‘n groot houer vol klein tubberware bakkies. Dié het sy altyd op die vloer uitgepak en lepels binne gesit. Sy was dan Petunia (die kleuterskool se kok) en daar word al geselsend en vermanend speel speel kos ingeskep, en die “kinders” moes eet, of Petunia het omtrent daai stem verhef. Ek moes altyd so tussen die tubberware bakkies trap as ek iewers wou heen. Vandag is ek jammer ek het nie fotos daarvan geneem nie.


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