JusJoJan: 5 January 2020: Intention

Linda says: Your prompt for JusJoJan January 5th, 2020, is “intention.” Use the word “intention” any way you’d like. Enjoy!


The word intention has two sides a good and/or bad intention.

I meant to write about the intentions today but the thoughts keep on turning around and around in my head. Over and over. There were two so-called friends who I thought at first meant well to help me but their intention was not really good at the end. 

At the start of the friendship, everything went smoothly. My intentions were sincere and honest. In the end, I discovered that the two didn’t mean well at all.  They both wanted to use me to enrich or please themselves. I easily believe that people mean well. It upset me to cut both out of my circle of friends. They didn’t like it and tried to overwhelm me with some bad intentions. Today, I regret that I meant well to help them out of their misery. It almost broke me because I am easily attracted to people with bad intentions.

You can find more information on the JusJoJan challenge by clicking on the following link:


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