JusJoJan: 7 January 2020: Mix


The prompt for JusJoJan January 7th, 2020, is “mix.” Use the word “mix” any way you’d like. Enjoy!

Mix and match that’s the easiest way to dress. When buying clothes I always look for something that could go with something else. Also if I can use it in other combinations too. When you mix certain colours with each other you can get a totally different colour. 

I love a garden with mixed flowers and colours. It makes a fresh and summery air.

 Something I don’t like much is when a dog or cat breeder mix the types of dogs/cats with each other. It’s a modern way of breeding. Mixing a Poodle with a Labrador; end result Labradoodle! Real mix up. Poor animals. They don’t know if they must be an upstairs poodle or a pleasant caring Labrador.

Life is anyway an example of mixes; be it ideas, ways of handling situations or just deciding where you may walk or live.

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16 responses to “JusJoJan: 7 January 2020: Mix”

  1. We were watching a show that was talking about different types of furniture. One of the “experts” said that a nice trend in furnishing a room is to use an “eclectic mix” of styles.


    1. You know all those names they give certain things makes a mix in my brain which I have to remix before I can see the picture clearly.

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  2. We got a rescue dog that is a Spaniel/Terrier mix and he’s kinda cute.


    1. They are cute but at times really don’t know how to react on human commands because they have double personalities.

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      1. That’s for sure! He is doing really well so far though. My daughter has taught him a lot.


  3. nou het jy my lekker aan die dink


    1. Hoop net dis reguit dink en nie gemixde dink nie.


  4. I love to mix and match my clothes too. I also, like you prefer a dog to be a trusted breed though the ordinary mongrel ( naturally mixed breed dog is also fine) but not these designer dogs who often end up with mental and or physical problems. Oops went into a little rant there 😁💜


    1. I agree and feel the same. The real pavement specials are usually good dogs. It’s good to talk about it.


  5. Ek moet sê – die nuutskepping name waarmee party mense vir hulle kinders voorendag kom net om Mamma en Pappa se naam te kan vermeng – laat my soms koud !


    1. Ja, dis vir my ook vreemd. Daar kom die vreemdste name daaruit.


  6. En deesdae word alles opgemieks tot ‘n onherkenbare gemors – politiek, taal, godsdiens, gender – ek voel soms skoon verlore.


    1. Eintlik wou ek die mense mixery ook noem maar toe dog ek ek beter maar stil bly want daar kan dalk mense wees wat nie daarmee gaan saamstem en my aanval. Maak my naar as ek hoor van wat alles nou inmens se keelgat afgedruk word.

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