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our prompt for JusJoJan January 13th, 2020, is “subscribe.” Use the word “subscribe” any way you’d like. Have fun!


To subscribe to companies or online places has brought me a lot of fun and happiness but also some misjudged and unpleasant subscriptions.

It has cost me a lot of wasted writing time by thinking and subscribing to programmes which only want to get hold of my address to send bad stuff to me.

I started with a new laptop but…

I bought Scrivener and downloaded it. In the proses of loading, you have to log in to certain places. I wasn’t really thinking while ticking the boxes. To make a long story short, I clicked on the useless ones. They caught me righthanded by subscribing to things that mixed up my own programs. Do you think it’s easy to get rid of them, not at all? My son cleaned everything up at the end but I still have hours of problems locking into my own laptop. 

I wish people would put a “no thank you” or a “not accept” notice with their subscriptions so that poor me can get out of the mess when I want to.


11 responses to “JusJoJa: 13 January: Subscribe”

  1. angelswhisper2011 Avatar

    OMC that’s so annoying, Ineke…Aargh…anyway…😸Pawkisses for a Happy Monday to you and Trompie🐾😽💞


    1. Avatar

      Annoying indeed. My laptop still has problems. Might be a virus or something too. High paws from Trompie And have a lovely week.

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  2. scr4pl80 Avatar

    You have to be really careful about stuff like that. Hate it!


    1. Avatar

      I know, still I get caught without knowing it.

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  3. willowdot21 Avatar

    Yes it’s all a nasty business 💜


    1. Avatar

      And how?! I hate it.


      1. willowdot21 Avatar

        Rightly too 💜

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  4. Bondelsgedagtes Avatar

    Oewee daai subscribe to goed kan mens darem hande in die hare laat….


    1. Avatar

      Beslis ek verpes dit. Dan brom my seun elke keer “Hoekom laai ma dit af!” Hy kannie verstaan dit gebeur net omdat ek nie weet wat aangaan nie, haha.


  5. Dan Antion Avatar

    The problem with these subscriptions is the way they make them seem necessary or useful. We’ve all been there.


    1. Avatar

      That’s it they make it seem that it is useful or necessary.

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