Three Things Challenge #118

Three Things Challenge #118

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The words for challenge 118 are:




I am busy writing my memoirs. At the moment I have childhood memories that make me smile. Didn’t know I had such a happy childhood.

Today I have a grandchild of three years. I pasted her 2019 photos in an album. Memories of a happy childhood that also make me smile.

9 responses to “Three Things Challenge #118”

  1. Wonderful post. Have only just seen your pingback and approved it, so it’s working OK, I was just late in seeing it.
    Thanks for joining in. Lovely little girl.


    1. Thanks for the compliment I enjoy shorter pieces of writing because English isn’t my mother tongue. My time is way before your time that’s why I’m kind of late. I just need to use the right time.


      1. the 3TC goes out at 6.30 hr UK time but I don’t usually access my blog until around midday or later so I schedule them hence the delay in approving pingbacks.


        1. Good, thanks for the explanation.


          1. Just seen your post today. Is Trompie an assistance dog as well as a beloved pet?


            1. He is my pet but I am a qualified animal behaviorist – animal assistance dog trainer


              1. Wow. How wonderful!! You have my utmost respect and admiration.


                1. Thank you. I love to work with animals and people who need their help too.

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