Three Things Challenge #122

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Words for no 122


My dog Trompie loves to go to the vet. He has some health issues and needs to visit regularly. He also knows where the bag with treats is after he has seen the vet. Behind the poster that says: You are a good dog!

No wonder he enjoys visiting his doctor.

13 thoughts on “Three Things Challenge #122

  1. Trompie’s a sweetheart. And you’re right, they do pick up on our moods and anxieties, seeming to know when WE need a bit of TLC and extra fuss. Maggie certainly does anyway and is never far away.


      1. All quite interesting, all of them. Im not gay but I take Robert Clifford & James Herriot to bed at night. 😂


          1. I have read every book by Sheila Hocken about working dogs (guide dogs) and then that of a famous vet A Dog Abroad. Also his son’s Labrador book, then a book on dogs sniffing out cancer, diabetes, etc.


            1. I know about the schnauzers who sniff out cancer. From my own experience, I see and know that Trompie shows me when I’m starting to get depressive. He would keep on following me and try to sit next to me as if to comfert me.


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