Friendship on a Tuesday

Friendship Tuesday

Tuesdays are my special friend days. Every Tuesday morning 10.30 am we meet for a cuppa. There are many cafes or coffee shops in Upper Hutt. We decide each time where we would go and rotate them during the year.

I invited my friend to go with me, on my account, to Queensgate in Lower Hutt. 

It was a different experience. I had avocado, halloumi on toasted bread. It was delicious.

On our way home my friend asked if I could take her to a shop where she wanted to pick up some ordered hooks. It was an interesting shop. I didn’t want to go inside the shop to see what they sell. I waited at the counter. On the counter were the most interesting small helpful tools for all kinds of jobs. 

Image result for tweezers
Tweezers with a light
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8 responses to “Friendship on a Tuesday”

    • Dit was beslis iets anders dan die gewone Dinsdag teedrink sessies, Ongelukkig het my vriendin haar gehoortoestelle vergeet en kon sy my nie lekker hoor in die lawaai van die koffiewinkel nie. Ek het haar maar op einde die praatwerk laat doen(sy is al 84)

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