From my doorstep.

There is always something going on in my street. My slide door opens on my deck which is higher than the street. From my doorstep I can see the sheep grazing and the farmers dog chasing the sheep on his own(this dog is very naughty, he isn’t supposed to run after the sheep. He also barks the whole day because the owners lock him up)

Yesterday or the day before I heard clip-clop, clip-clop on the road. I quickly went to my doorstep. I nearly missed the passers by. It was the lady who has multiple scleroses. She can’t ride the Clydesdale horse anymore. She rides in her electronic wheelchair and leads the horse. Her little Jack Russel sits on her lap.

In the two years I’ve been living here she has deteriorated from riding the horse to now only leading it.

On the road

9 thoughts on “From my doorstep.

    1. Dit raak my hart elke keer as ek haar so sien. Sy aanvaar nie sommer hulp nie. Sy druk deur en doen self. In die begin met die scoter lopery wou die perd net nie behoorlik loop nie. Sy het gesukkel om hom te beheer in die straat. Gelukkig het iemand met n ander perd gekom en haar gehelp.


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