#SoCS Feb. 8/2020 PACK

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “(un)pack.” Use “pack” or its opposite in your post. Have fun!


My dad knew how to pack a vehicle. We were three girls, my parents two dogs and a live chicken. My dad packed the car with space for all of us and heaps of luggage for three weeks on holiday in the Lowveld in the old Transvaal (today Mapumalanga) into our car. Those days it was at least a four-hour drive to our destination.  He also knew how to pack a bag or suitcase. He’ll first fold up everything and then pack it so everything fits in no matter how much you want to take with you. I learned how to pack while watching my dad and today I can also pack a lot into a suitcase.

9 responses to “#SoCS Feb. 8/2020 PACK”

  1. Apparently your useful suitcase packing skills carry over into other areas of life, because you packed a lot into this short post. I’m reminded of my father who was in the Marine Corps and used to roll up his clothes for packing. He passed this on to my son.


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