Ten days in Isolation April 1, 2020

Ten days in self-isolation April 1, 2020

Today is my tenth day in isolation.  

My body and brain are slowly adjusting to circumstances which I think is fantastic.

It took me ten days to change my way of doing things. I’m used to order and routine. Staying at home is difficult if one is used to getting up early to walk the dog and then off to school for my first hour of work of the day. Not being with children and people around me is hard. 

I had to make some adjustments because I’m not supposed to go out shopping or help other people. The radio and TV keep on mentioning that people over the seventy need to be looked after and keep away from grandchildren and vice versa! Hard on older people who have families, they can’t physically see or hold.

On a lighter note:

I’m a, stay on my own, mother and grandmother. My son helped at the start of doing my shopping. I arranged for “My Food Bag” to deliver every week, and I ordered my groceries online to be delivered the coming Friday.

I have a lot to keep myself busy. Walking, writing, knitting and scrapbooking are a few. I  could not get myself to start or do anything.
Today I feel more in control and happy to start constructive things I want to do.

I had a long early walk with Trompie (my dog). The fog hung low over the neighbourhood. The air crisp and fresh.

I did some washing, also washed the dishes.

Now I’m writing this post hoping that I’ll keep on top of everything from now on.

NS:  Yesterday, I started sorting out some pages for my new scrapbook project. I also sorted and cut the photos I want to use. 

28 responses to “Ten days in Isolation April 1, 2020”

  1. It’s good to have something you can pick up again, don’t you think, Ineke? I’m feeling a little in nowhereland, but still running out of time…MOL… It’s really quiet everywhere. This will be the first year that my daughter and grandchildren can’t come and that made me a little sad, but things as they are, so we made a package for Eastern and send it to them today. We’re purraying for better times to come soon😸Clean Pawkisses for a Happy Weekend for you and Trompie. Stay Safe Healthy and Yourselfie🙏🐾😽💞


  2. I am also on Day 10. It is an odd transition. Sometimes I think I enjoy it and other times I think it is frustrating and depressing. But even when it is over I think my husband and I will pretty much stay in isolation. But we will be able to go out to get our own groceries or take away food. Stay safe!


  3. Stay strong and safe. We love you and we only a message away. It be over soon. Stay positive and big hugs xx🤗🤗🤗🤗


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