Groceries delivered today

I am privileged to be one of the over 70s to whom groceries may be delivered. As a person over seventy, it is better to stay home, away from shops and people.

Sunday, I went online and ordered my groceries. The shop warned that it could take up to two weeks before it could be delivered.

I was lucky there were still two spaces on Friday, April 3, between 10 – 12 am.

Today April 3, I prepared to receive my groceries.

I first washed my dishes to get enough space on my bench.

I cleaned the two bench sides. One side for the “so-called” could be infected groceries coming from the shop.

The other clean bench-top also ready and fresh for the groceries after I cleaned them with warm soapy water.

Just after 11 am my groceries arrived. Neatly packed in paper bags. I thanked the driver and clapped my hands out of thankfulness for his unique work.

Cleaned groceries.
Cleaned bench top.

I put the full bags on the “infected” bench top. I cleaned everything with warm soapy water. I took the paper bags outside, folded them up and threw them in my rubbish bag.

Empty bag ready to go to the rubbish bag.

The last thing I need to do now is pack everything away.

Thank you all the packers and deliverers for bringing my needed groceries to my doorstep.

20 thoughts on “Groceries delivered today

        1. Ons kry gladnie koekmeel nie. Ek vra toe vir een van die glutenvrye mele. Wraggies toe ook almal uit. Ek het wel net na ek jou boekie gekry het amandel meel gekoop. Kan ek dit as meel gebruik om broodrolletjies te bak. Het n resep met bakpoeier, mayonaise


          1. Ek kan jou regtig nie antwoord nie, want ek weet nie. Dis maar ‘n groot gesukkel wanneer ek oorslaan tussen verskillende mele en ek ken nog nie regtig die antwoord wat werk nie.


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