COVD 19 Day 26 in lock down.

Although we are in lock down I am still positive that we are going to survive.

I woke up with rain splattering on the roof.

Opening the curtains I saw this beautiful morning in New Zealand.

From my deck looking out on the hills and farm.

I went for my walk and had to take and share a photo of the street where I live.

The white fence on the right hand side behind the white van is my place.

Now I am sitting at the table doing my writing and this is what I see when I look up.

25 thoughts on “COVD 19 Day 26 in lock down.

    1. WE are still in our selfie. Today we are going to hear if the lock-down is going to be lifted and only isolation for the elderly and younger ones. Trompie is looking forward to greet al his friends again but I think that would take some more time.


  1. Hi Ineke, so glad to hear you are doing fine in lockdown and womderful to see your new abode. It looks very green and rural, but at the same time I feel it’s not too far from where you used to live as the mountains look similar?


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