COVD 19 update; flu immunisation

Yesterday was D-day for going out of lock-down or staying in it. Another week in level 4 lock-down for us. On April 27, 2020, 11:59 pm we move back to level 3. Still no contact and open shops and malls. Only take-away and on-line businesses may start. This will be for two weeks.

I received a message from our Health center yesterday to contact them and make an appointment to get my flu injection. I called and had to wait 25 minutes before I could book my appointment for today April 21, 12:20 pm.

I dressed myself. Ready for the trip. It was a drive in and out serves.

I had to wait here for twenty minutes before I could return home.

Me on a mission!

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9 responses to “COVD 19 update; flu immunisation”

  1. We in California are still shelter-in-place and a mask wearing order is in place for everyone when out of the home goes in effect tomorrow. Strange times. I wear a scarf wrapped around like that when I walk the dog.


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