Where are my gloves?

I did my washing on Saturday because it was announced that the weather would change that night. Did the weather change? Wow, we had heavy rain since Yesterday. Sunday afternoon I folded up all the washing and put it away. Monday morning I missed my pair of gloves. I looked in the cupboard, under the drawers. Nothing. I kept on thinking where they could be.

Tuesday morning I opened the curtain. I always look out the window to have a look at where Trompie was. What did I see?

The gloves still hanging on the washing line. Soaking wet.

Lost and found.

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13 responses to “Where are my gloves?”

    • Ja dit het veral gistermiddag baie hard gereën en hele nag ook. Vanoggend (Woensdag) is dit oopgetrek maar heelwat koeler buite. Onthou ook ons kry winterreën, dis belangrik dat dit reën. Noordelike deel is tot droogte geteisterde gebied verklaar. Selfs munisipale water is op. Water word aangery.


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