22 thoughts on “Unexpected visit.

    1. Thanks Binky and Oma! Trompie doesn’t like the situation at all. Very jealous.LOvely weekend to you too. Monday we are going to hear if we are moving into phase 2, which means that school are going to start again. I’m thinking of not going back at the moment my health is more important than other peoples children. High paws and a few extra licks. Look after yourself.


      1. Sy het seker so lekker by ouma gekuier dat sy nie wou huis toe gaan nie. Die neus is nog baie seer en bottoe, en die nagevolge van die narkose laat my bog baie slaap. But this too shall pass.


        1. Is so, sy het soetjies tussen ore en neus net verdwyn. Op einde gee sy haarself weg omdat sy begin giggel het. Die narkose is ook maar iets op sy eie. Baie bly dat die bloeding gestop is. Dit sal nog maar lank gevoelig bly, veral noudat dit ook kouer word.

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