No bread at home today. It’s been ages since I’ve baked crumpets.

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38 responses to “Crumpets”

  1. They look delicious, Ineke, although they look like what we call Scotch pancakes here. I’d probably eat them warm and buttered… so good! It seems that baking has become a favourite pastime worldwide during the lockdown. I haven’t baked so much since the children left home.


    • I also do the same warm as they come out of the pan with a bit of butter, delicious. Same her with the baking! At first we could not buy any flour. Then my son got hold of 5kg flour and that tempts me to keep on using it.


  2. We call these pikelets or mini pancakes. I just made some yesterday – coincidentally. They don’t last more than a few minutes. Yours look delicous, Ineke. Btw, Heidi just got herself a new puppy, a Mini Schnauzie!


  3. Lockdown brought crumpets back to our home, after decades. I don’t react well to anything fine flour.


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