2020 Photo Challenge #20 May: Being Creative with Light

May: Being Creative with Light

To participate in the Photo Challenge visit the following blog!

My original photo:

High light

Low light.

This week's assignment - Create one image using strong lighting which creates strong shadows and emphasizes contrasts in tones and one image with much lighter tones. If you have post-processing software try experimenting with 'low key' and 'high key'effects.

10 responses to “2020 Photo Challenge #20 May: Being Creative with Light”

  1. Great light, Trompie😸Pawkisses for a Happy Tuesday🐾😽💞

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    1. Thanks, were lovely days out on the farm in 2009.


    1. Daar is dan drie? Seker eerste en laaste een?

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  2. Low light. Mooi skaduwees teen die muur


    1. Dankie, stem saam. Die skduwees het my ook opgeval toe ek die fotos afgelaai het.


  3. Ek hou die meeste van die Low light


    1. Stem saam. Is of dit beter op die oog lê.


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