Wow! A bit of n tremble!

A real shocker this morning!

It rained the whole night and was still raining when I jumped out of bed.

Boiled the kettle for a cup of tea. Took Trompie’s food out of the fridge to feed him. 

I usually loosen the food in the tin on the way to the laundry where Trompie’s bowl waits.

I bent over and emptied the tin. While doing that Trompie patiently waited for me to let him lick off the spoon. 

This morning was different. As soon as Trompie came nearer to lick the spoon, I felt, or kind of heard something and Trompie gave a little woof, and all burst lose. A hard rattling rumbling sound came along. The outdoor rattled. Remember, I was still standing bent over. Before I could decide to hide under a table or a doorframe, it was over. That all happened at 7:54 am. 

 Magnitude 5.8, Mon May 25 2020 7:53 AM

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17 responses to “Wow! A bit of n tremble!”

  1. Thank goodness the earthquake wasn’t any higher magnitude – and that you weren’t hurled across the room! Still, I can imagine how shaken up you were by it, and poor Trompie was evidently affected by it. Let’s hope that’s the last one you’ll get for some time. I’m so glad your’re OK.


    • Thanks for the prayers it is frightening at that moment. Trompie usually doesn’t react but yesterday he really felt it before I could. He also wasn’t at easy the whole day and night because there were many aftershocks I couldn’t feel.

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  2. Oh no! That place is too jittery. I lived through that big 1969 earthquake in a huge old historical building in Worcester, South Africa. It wasn’t fun then just as it isn’t fum today. We had several more, right up to 1977 but few mever mention it.


    • My een vriendin was in daardie aardbewing in Tulbach met n groep skoolkinders. Hier gebeur dit aanhoudend maar nie so erg soos vandag sin nie. Gelukkig nêrens skade nie. Treine moes stop sodat spore eers nagegaan kon word. Was juis werktoe ry tyd.


        • Sy het my so vertel . Ek het jare later eers vriende met haar gemaak. Hierdie aardbewing was baie hewig ek het amper buite gaan staan. Dis of mens sommer half versteen is op eerste oomblik. Hier moet jy skuiling onder n tafel soek of in die deur plat opvou in n skilpadjie. Kop toehou vir as daar goed afval of breek.

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            • Jare terug toe ek nog nie geweet het hoe dit voel nie sit ek op die rusbank en die aardbewing kom aangerol, ek lig toe my voete op sodat dit kan verby gly. Toe vertel my seun dit was n aardbewing! Was nog hier in dieselfde huis waar ek nou bly.

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