Friendly Friday: COMFORT FOOD

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For this week’s Friendly Friday Photo Challenge I ask you to share a photo, a story and even a recipe of your favorite COMFORT FOOD.

The more than two months of lock-down made me test some old recipes.

At first there was no flour. After 3 weeks without flour my son bought a five kilogram packet. First I made apple pie but didn’t take a photo. Then I wanted to bake muffins – no muffin pan. My son bought one for me later. In the meantime I backed a banana bread

then a date loaf

I baked crumpets/plaatkoekies

Last weekend I baked blueberry muffins.

All comfort bakes.

13 thoughts on “Friendly Friday: COMFORT FOOD

  1. Your banana bread and date loaf look fantastic and both are ideal as ‘cut and come again ‘cakes. Do you usually eat them buttered? I do, but I know not everyone does. It’s funny how so many people all over the world have turned to baking during lockdown. I’ve always baked, but admit I’ve done a lot more these past few months. I’ve made so many cakes, pies and scones I’m sure we’ve all piled on the pounds! Lovely photos of your work, too.


    1. We also put some butter on it. I usually don’t waste time to butter it. Eat it as it is. Many people have been testing their baking skills. The kilos are getting more and more. Lucky I still keep on walking every day!


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