Silent Sunday: Rosella

Rain and a lone Rosella in a tree! From my front door.

The eastern rosella (Platycercus eximius) has become naturalised in New Zealand.[2] By the 1970s the population, probably originally from cage escapees, was strongly established throughout Auckland, Northland, and the far north, extending into west Waikato, as far south as Kawhia and Te Kuiti, and east to the Coromandel Peninsula. The species is also found in the Wellington-Hutt Valley Region, established in the 1960s from escaped cage birds, later colonising the foothills of the Tararua Range, to Eketahuna in the east, and Ōtaki in the west (range up to 1985).[9] There have been sightings in New Plymouth, Taupo, Gisborne, Tiritea, Banks Peninsula, Nelson area, and Stewart Island. The first occurrence of these parrots in New Zealand was about 1910 when a small shipment of eastern rosellas, as well as a few crimson rosellas (P. elegans), that had been refused entry into New Zealand by the Customs Department was released off Otago Heads by the ship that brought them, as she was returning to Sydney. The two species crossed, and by 1955 no pure crimson rosellas remained in the Dunedin area.[10] The population of rosellas in Dunedin has always remained low, partially due to them being trapped and sold as caged birds.

12 thoughts on “Silent Sunday: Rosella

  1. Sjoe, maar die Rosella staan uit selfs op n afstand!

    Op n dieper vlak kan ek my indink hoe gelukkig die uitsig van jou voorstoep af jou hart maak, Ineke.


    1. Ja dis die uitsig op die plaas onder aan die heuwels. Daar loop nog n waterafloop ook aan die voet van die heuwels. Die Rosellas is eintlik n pes hier. Met tye moet hul uitgedun word. Die klomp was twee jaar net vyf gewees en nou trek hul al maklik by tien wat in n swerm hier rond vlieg. Hul raas ook terwyl hul so wegvlieg- nes kokketiele!

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