Use all your senses!

I belong to a lovely group of kid-lit writers.

Today, Saturday, they play a Today Game.

Use the following:

Today I saw…

Today I felt(touch)…

Today I heard…

Today I smelled(olfactor.)..

Today I tasted…

Walking my walk this morning I used all the senses!

Here is what I experienced:

Today I saw some strange feathers high in a Kowhai tree. It was a Kereru (woodpigeon) hanging upside down to reach for some flowers.

Next, I heard and saw a flutter and scattering of feathers as the pigeon fell off the branch. A Tui was also singing its lovemaking tune in the next tree.

The fresh air and warming sun touched my skin. The earth smelled clean after the rains from the last few days. I could taste the fresh-made coffee of someone drinking it outside on his/her deck. 

It is so good to be alive and well, to see, hear, feel, smell and even taste everything around me. 


29 responses to “Use all your senses!”

  1. Funny how sometimes we can walk about and find so much to delight the senses, whereas at other times were’e in such a rush or deep in thought that we take nothing in from our surroundings. Your lovely post has reminded me to be more aware as I walk instead of staying inside my head! Love the song of the Tui, It’s an unusual looking bird, too, with a lovely shimmer to its feathers.

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  2. Ek het hierdie nou geniet Scrapy. Jy maak my weer bewus van dit wat ‘n mens so vanselfsprekend aanneem… jou sintuie. Ek dink ek het deur hierdie lockdown aan die slaap geraak.

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