A special little smile.

Today wasn’t the best day.

First there was a power outage 6-7 am; my time to get ready to take Bea to the Kindy. No light, no warm shower, no cup of tea. I slept in until eight which isn’t good for my body and mind. Could not get started with anything today.

Then the next shock. When I wanted to unlock the car, the battery of the automatic device was flat. Called my son. He said there is a key to unlock it manually. I did not know how to open it(now I do) I fiddled and there was the key. Unlocked the car, then the engine didn’t want to start. Sigh!. Called my son again. I held the electronic device in front of the starter and it went! Yay, jumped in the car. Went to the Mall and bought a new battery and off I went to pick up Bea at the Kindy. Guess what? Bea’s mum was already there to pick her up. Bea went home with me in my car.

The best thing that happened was when Amela gave me a smile. That made up for everything that didn’t go that well today.

37 thoughts on “A special little smile.

  1. A smile like that from a little one and the difficulties of the day fade into obscurity. Lovely post, Ineke – though I hope you don’t have any more days in which so many things go wrong. 😀

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  2. Sy is te mooi! Lyk amper of sy een van daai “old souls” gaan wees. Die manier waarop sy jou bekyk!


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