In the moment 1. Horse?

Just after ten I heard: “Clip-clop, clip-clop.”

I went to investigate.

Clip-clop, clip-clop…

Across the road was a group of school children waiting the horse’s arrival. The children had a good time on the farm across the road from me.

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29 responses to “In the moment 1. Horse?”

  1. A fabulous horse! I believe the Clydesdale is a Scottish breed (named after the River Clyde, no doubt). I love all those big breeds of draught horses and shire horses. They all look so amazingly strong – which they are! A lovely sight to see and hear outside your house. 😀


    • It is a Clydesdale horse. The first time I’ve seen it here. There is always a black one which comes around at times. The black one belongs to a lady with MS. She can’t ride him anymore and started leading him next to her mobility scooter but he didn’t like it. There is a young woman who rides him now. This golden one could be a new horse.


  2. In Seepunt het die Polisie op groot, swart Friesperde gery. Die perdestalle was so 2km van ons af en ek is greeld soontoe met vars geelwortels en my seun se skoonma daar raakgeloop voordat sy deel van ons pakkie was. Sy voer ook perde vir pret.


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