In the Moment 6: On the farm 2

Meeting Diëgo and Mickey the goat.

Bea came to visit me on the farm on Saturday. She got a bit of a fright when she met Diego the sheepdog. Diego was too friendly and nearly pushed her over. Bea started yelling and crying. Trompie helped Diego by barking at Bea too. Not good at all.

At the end everything went well after the not so good first meeting. We walked to the chicken coop to get Mickey the goat and take her to her grazing spot in the old hospital’s garden.

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16 responses to “In the Moment 6: On the farm 2”

  1. Siestog, arme Bea het haar seker lam geskrik. Ek het op die oomblik ‘n skaaphond in die huis. Sy geaardheid is só laid-back, hy is doodgoed en goed dood ook, maar ek is altyd bang hy gaan my onderstebo loop. Gelukkig spring hy nie en ek het hom nog nooit hoor blaf nie.

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