In the moment 7: Bea came to visit me.

New Shoes.

We did some painting.

11 responses to “In the moment 7: Bea came to visit me.”

  1. She looks such a lovely little girl and her shoes are delightful. Such concentration on her face as she paints. I know you treasure your time with your grandchildren Ineke. They won’t be little for long.


    1. Time flies, and we can do nothing about it but enjoy every moment of it.


  2. ‘n Kleine dame.🤩


    1. Bealis al n aanvoeling vir die fynere maniere.


  3. ‘n regte Madam! So oulik Ineke!


    1. Beslis. Kannie glo sy sit sommer so natuurlik soos n madam op die beanbag.


  4. Jinne kyk net hoe sit sy. Regte medam.


    1. My ook opgeval soos n grênd lady.


  5. Ek sien Bea het sommer ‘n paar waterverf-tattoes ook gekry 😍😂 Ek hou van die grootmeisieskoene!


    1. Haha, juis gevra wat maak sy met die tatoos. Mamma doen die tatoos. Ja die skoene is darem maar egte regte skoene. Weet nie of dit so lank gaan hou nie. Sy hou maar van kaalvoete.

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