Mickey the “wild” goat lamb.

Mickey is a wild goat. She lost her goat mum and ran along with some sheep on a farm. The farmers usually gather their sheep when there are lambs. At times there would be some wild goats between the ewes and their lambs. This happened to Mickey. My friend adopted this goat and reared it with a bottle. She is now old enough to eat on her own. While house sitting the farm I had to take her on a lead to some grass to graze on for the day.

On the table, tapping her front legs and snorting.

A real madame! Those horns are already there to fend off Diego the dog and me to.

15 responses to “Mickey the “wild” goat lamb.”

  1. I’ve heard how the prettiness of goats is just a disguise for their crafty and sometimes determined and downright bad-tempered ways. But while she’s young she looks really adorable.


    1. Adorable indeed but already a real goat naughtiness and stubbiness. Horns are already ready to bump you or hit you when you are in the way.


  2. Hanslammertjies is so oulik, maar om een of ander rede, in my ondervinding in elk geval, raak hulle almal “stampramme” wanneer hulle groter is, wat nogal gevaarlik kan wees as daar klein kinders en ouer mense op die werf is.


    1. Moenie nog praat nie, Hul is regte stouters en hul ken nie hul eie krag nie. Ons het gelukkig altyd die lammers onthoring want hul haak die ooie se uiers oop. Hierdie outjie gaan nog probleme gee. Mense is nie regtig gewoond aan bokke nie. Moet haar juis aan n leiband hou want anders hol sy weg.

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  3. She has a wonderful face full of expression.


    1. She is very cute. Behaves like a real grown up goat- stamping feet, snorting and going for Diego the dog horns ready to hit him.(tries it with me too)

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  4. Scrapy, ek bly maar versigtig vir daardie horings, hoor.


    1. Ja-nee ek weet van horings en hierdie is nog kleintjies. Sy weet egter alreeds goed om hul te gebruik ook. Arme Diego moet net uit die pad bly.


    1. Sy is mos bok se kind en dan nog n wilde mountain goat soos hul die outjies hier noem. Eintlik n verpesting!


    1. Cute but naughty. She wants to jump onto everything, even tries on me too.

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  5. Cute, despite the horns


    1. Very cute and she loves company. She is only about 4 months old, I think.

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