NaNoWriMo 2020

All has started! November 1, I’ve written 1719 words.

I’m proud of myself because I had an accident on Friday. My dog was attacked by two cats on our walk. The one tore my hand open and I had to get some stitches, an injection and some antibiotics. My hand feels better but it is still very painful when I move my fingers. I’ve written the whole adventure to fill up my word count which I easily did.

Today November 2, I wrote 1700 words. I described all my vehicles I had during my life time. I’ve written it in Afrikaans. Here is the link.

Opel Kadett Rebel | Junk Mail
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51 responses to “NaNoWriMo 2020”

  1. Oh, dear. I’m so sorry you and your furry family got hurt. Praying you heal up soon. Maybe you could try “Dragon”… it’s a voice rec software for writing. It’s really great. I used it in speech therapy when I was learning to speak again. I’ve also used it for Nano a couple of times. Pain to set up, but once you do it really works well.


  2. Sjoe, so jammer om te hoor van julle aaklige konfrontasie! ‘n Wond deur ‘n kat gemaak is glad nie speletjies nie, ek is bly jy het ordentlike behandeling gekry. Beterskap en sterkte met die skryf!


    • Dankie Frannie dit was nou regtig n hengse skok vir my en Trompie gewees. Ek het gedink die kat kan Trompie doodbyt, veral omdat dit twee was. My han voel darem beter maar dis baie seer en gevoelig. Sal sekere fisio op einde ook moet kry want dis n diep wond wat kat gekrap het.

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        • Ek het Trompie netso jammer gekry. Hy het nie eers die katte gesien nie. Jong, die skryf hou my gedagtes besig. Gebruik net een vinger om te tik! Sal my nie laat onder kry nie. Hoop jul het nie teveel probleme daar by julle met die verkiesing saam nie. Klink maar soos n nagmerrie.

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            • Mooi man. Het gisteraand gesit en kyk na die uitslae en ou Trump se mal idees. Dit gaan darem vandag baie beter. Gister my hand laat herverbind en verpleegster sê dit lyk goed vir wat dit ook beteken, haha. Net bly dit voel nie meer so seer nie. Geniet jou rustigheid.

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    • Thanks Binky I think they went off the rail somewhere. Both ginger cats. First one grabbed me around my neck. Mum chased it away. then it turned around and grabbed me again around my neck. The cats mum pulled it away and then the second cat attacked from the back, grabbing me and wanting to bite me. That’s when mum’s hand was in the way and the cat ripped mum’s hand open. Blood everywhere. Lucky I still had a lot of fur/hair otherwise I would have got hurt too. I feel sorry for mum because her hand hurts a lot. Lucky it’s her left hand and not her right one. Anyway, it’s much better today(Monday). Some big wet licks and high five to you and Grams too.


  3. I lost my LOGIN info as soon as I registered and will need to start over from scratch AND forgot about it until I saw someone’s Tweet earlier today, then your post here…………


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