Lens-Artists Challenge#123 Neighbourhood.

Lens-Artists Challenge #123 – Found in the Neighborhood

LEYA says:

Neighborhood – this might just mean taking a photo from the kitchen or office window, but, macro possibilities are obvious as well – a tiny neighbourhood with many new surprises


Pony cart passing in the street. Upper Hutt New Zealand.

Photo taken from my deck, plus front garden.

16 responses to “Lens-Artists Challenge#123 Neighbourhood.”

  1. I love these photo challenges. Thank you for this idea.


    1. You need to paste it on Lens Artiss Challenge because it’s not me doing it . I’m just doing the challenge.


  2. Dit is darem absoluut pragtig daar by julle, Ineke.


    1. Dankie Una, dit is heerlik om so naby die onbeboude plaas deel te bly. Ek het vir jare in die Bosveld gebly wat vir my heerlik was. Hier is dit heeltemaal anders en het sy eie skoonheid wat ek baie geniet en waardeer.


  3. What a lovely little pony and cart. Such an interesting thing to find in your neighbourhood!


    1. It surprised me when I saw it. I heard some noises outside. Had a look and saw that the cart was to close to a parked car to pass. The pony didn’t want to step backwards. At the end it did after at least a few minutes of trying.

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  4. Excellent. LOVE the pony cart!


    1. Thanks, it was something different to see.


  5. That pony cart was so unexpected — but how fun! And right in your neighborhood! Good one.


    1. Indeed fun and unexpected. The cart hooked onto n parked car and the pony didn’t want to step a bit backwards to get the cart away. He did it after a while.

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  6. Ai hoe verlang ek nou! Dis so groen daar!


    1. Ons het regtig baie reën die winter gehad. Die veld het regtig kans gekry om bietjie by te kom na die droë warm somer wat ons gehad het. Nou voorspel hul klaar weer droog en ekstra warm vir somer.


  7. A cute sight indeed! Thank you for joining in, and oh what a well painted fence!


    1. Thank you, Fences need paining every year because of the wet weather here.

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