Silent Sunday & Life in colours: Yellow


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        • We also didn’t have much summer. The last week and a half the days were real scorchers. It’s also very, very dry. You won’t believe it when you see the usually green fields are totally brown and dried out. Don’t know where farmers are going to get food for their animals in the coming winter.

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            • The problem is that places that needed rain the most didn’t get any. Auckland had at one stage nearly empty dams. The tings is also there are many people more than the dams can provide water for. Same here the Twin Lakes has not enough water. The started planning for a third dam but it’s on hold at this stage. People also don’t keep to the water restriction rules. They use water as if there is no shortage.


                • They just ignore it. On Sunday was my water turn but n lady across the road was watering at five in the afternoon while the time is from 7 to 9 pm. I asked her if she knew there is water restriction. Answer: Yes I know but I want to keep the plants alive.” Told her but… she also mentioned she comes from Australia and what ever. I kept say: It’s not your turn. Some clever people think they are better than others. Makes me very angry. I usually leaf it but this time was just to much.


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