Creative Writing: Another special object.


2006 is a year that I’ll always remember.

One of the best things that happened to me was visiting my son, who had moved to New Zealand in 2005. 

I had a month’s leave from school to explore how my son was operating here. At first, he lived in a tiny flat in Wellington. After some time, his partner moved in with him, and they required more space. They leased a house in Kelson, Lower Hutt, which had three bedrooms. There was a room free, and it allowed me to visit them.

I had a pleasant month in New Zealand. It was wonderful to see my child again and have a peek around. 

My son’s partners’ parents live in Cambridge, and the two youngsters took some days off from work to show me around. We travelled up to Cambridge using the Desert road, stopping at all the fascinating places on the way. Going back to Lower Hutt, we cruised around to Napier and down the east coast. 

On our way home, we paused at a shop in Hamilton and had a look at all the mementoes. I am a dog lover and Miniature Schnauzers are my favourite. While in NZ, my two dogs, Nancy and Megan, had to stay with my older sister, who too had two dogs, a Labrador and a Dachshund. The more, the merrier. The dogs enjoyed the company. While browsing in the shop, we came across some soft toy Schnauzers. My son bought one that I fancied and presented it to me as a souvenir. 

This dog brought loads of joy. My dogs couldn’t stand it because they were suspicious and jealous. They didn’t want me to cuddle or hold it. It’s the same with Trompie today; he wants to shake it when he takes hold of it. I have to put it high onto a shelf out of his reach.

I cherish my present up till now. It brings back fond recollections of February 2006, when I could be with my son after a year of absence.

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15 responses to “Creative Writing: Another special object.”

  1. How super cute is that? Schnauzers bring joy in so many ways. We had a soft toy schnauzer door stop. But the puppy had her eye on it, so it had to go in the cupboard, lest it be eaten and disembowelled of all its stuffing.


  2. ‘n Kosbare voorwerp. NZ is ‘n pragtige land – Kameel noem dit mos “die Poskaart”. Hoe heerlik moes dit gewees het om dit in jou seun se teenwoordigheid te verken.


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