Creative Writing: Dogs/cats


Words: teacher, sad time, discipline, horses, insects, craft

(2015 Saying goodbye to Kiki)

As everybody knows, I am a dog fanatic! I am not into horses; that is why I changed horses to dogs.

I have undertaken a lot of house-sitting looking after families pets and places. I won’t undertake the house sitting if I can’t take my dog because he is my child, if you wish to call it like that. 

In 2015, I had a Chinese scholar named Kiki. She lived with me for an entire year. 

A week before Kiki had to fly back to Hong Kong, my friend invited Kiki and me to come over and have dinner with them to say goodbye to Kiki. This friend of mine has two dogs and two cats.

We showed up at 6 o’clock on the dot. We were greeted by the human family and the canine(K9) children. Everybody was excited. Kiki did not grow up with pets and regularly showed her panic when there were dogs and cats. Since being with me and having a dog in the household helped Kiki accept having animals around her.

Back to the dinner evening.

Coco is a ladylike labradoodle. She has a chocolate colour and is oh so posh.

Then there is the entirely black Millie, a Labradoodle too, tough a pup, but not the smallest of the two dogs. She is taller on her limbs than Coco. Coco has the weight advantage, but not the personality like Millie.

At first, the two dogs greeted us, barking in unison. Coco ignored us after the initial “hello’s.” Milly was just like a Jack in the box. Jumping, running, charging, hiding and of course- barking, none stop!

We, humans, ignored her. In the end, she settled down. Milly kept getting back to Kiki and sniff and suddenly dart away again. She even jumped up a few times. 

We moved to the back garden and had a look around; that was the best thing to do. Both dogs wandered along with us. 

Coming back onto the deck, Milly started barking at Kiki because Kiki blocked the way. She wanted to be with my friend or her mum. She could not go to the other side, where my friend stood. It upset Milly, and she kept barking until Kiki gave way. She did not like the feel of being separated from her mum at all.

We had a wonderful time at my friend’s place. The supper was truly special. The two dogs had a play-fight performance. Biting and japing at each other, and lots of pushing each other around. They were causing so much noise we could barely understand each other, just like kids having an absolute ball while parents are watching on.

The two cats were cautious. We did not see them until it was their dinner time. They came in to have their food in the kitchen. The two cats were outside to say goodbye to us when we left for home.

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