Creative Writing: A phone call

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A phone call

The telephone rang at midnight  SA, Ad

Why is it when the telephone rings late at night, it is dreadful news?

I also don’t know why a hospital has to ring you as late as possible to ask you to come instantly because of bad news!

I had three late calls, I can recall.

The first was in 1993 when the Johannesburg General Hospital called 11 pm and urged me to come straight away. On arrival, I had to decide on maintaining my husband on life support and if I could donate his organs.

Couldn’t they delay until the morning?

The next call was in 2006, while my mother was in Pretoria East Hospital. She had been there for about three weeks. The nurse explained they expected my mother wouldn’t last the night. I drove the 150 km from Naboomspruit to Pretoria late at night. I arrived at the hospital after twelve. It was the last time my Mum communicated with me that night. She asked: Where is Pappa?

“You are going to see him soon, Mamma.”

“Why is Kobie not here?” (Kobie is my older sister)

“She is still in England.” She had a smile on her face, closed her eyes and fell into a deep sleep from which she never woke up. 

 She still hung in there for another two weeks before passing away. My sister and I took turns sitting at her bedside.

Two weeks on, I told my Mum that I loved her, and I drove back home to Naboomspruit. Late that night, just before midnight, the call came. My mom had passed away.

Midnight phone calls, I believe, are most of the time bad news!


9 responses to “Creative Writing: A phone call”

  1. Avatar

    Ek wens ‘n mens kan maar die volgende oggend sesuur bel, maar ek weet baie mense sal verkies om dadelik te weet. As ek slegte moet nuus oordra doen ek dit die volgende dag. Tog, as jy die keuse voor jou het, voel geen tyd reg om vir iemand anders slegte nuus te gee nie!


    1. Avatar

      Beslis soos jy sê, hospitaal voel ook maar dat hul dit moet doen en verby kry al is dit in middel van die nag.

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  2. Aletta - nowathome Avatar

    Ai, dis waar! Mens weet net as daai foon so laat lui dat daar ‘n probleem is!


    1. Avatar

      Beslis veral as jy weet daar is nie regtig iemand wat jou so laat sal bel nie.


  3. anne leueen Avatar

    They called at 4am to tell my my Mother had passed and could I come to the hospital to collect her things and make arrangements. 4am! I knew she was going to pass soon but did not think it would be that night.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Avatar

      I’m so glad I went back to the hospital that day to say good bye to her. I had the urge to go again not knowing it was the last time. 4am is also a time that’s unfair to call and pick up your mum’s stuff.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. michelleperram Avatar

    Ok, this is so not fair…you write beautifully, you’re very talented at drawing, and your granddaughters are as cute as my own!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Avatar

      I know! Thanks for your kind words You are also a special friend to me.

      Liked by 2 people

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