Creative Writing: Mobile phone

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Mobile Phone

Technology isn’t what it was  30 years ago.

Smartphone with retro phones cartoon Royalty Free Vector
Phone Cartoon

First, our telephone system turned from wired lines to wireless phones. The term mobile means you can take it with you where ever you go. Today you don’t require a PC or a laptop, merely use your mobile phone and all lands in the palm of your hand in the mailbox of your phone or at the person you forwarded it to. The initial mobile phones were massive and bulky, now they are as light as a feather. The phones now have all kinds of apps to make life as effortless as possible for finding and forwarding information. You likewise have an app that lets you read your favourite books too.

Two years ago I upgraded my phone. What an experience. I first had to sign in. Then I had to get a password. I had to register my fingerprint, which was a serious issue because the phone kept on saying it can’t read my fingerprint. The trouble was that I wasn’t pressing my finger down sufficiently to block up the little window. At last, it worked. Now I simply press my finger on the window at the back and it will open my phone. I had to submit another password or sign in case my finger doesn’t open the phone.

The same with the transformation in computer systems. At first, you had this enormous box with all its gadgets in it. Small screens and big keyboards. Then they were streamlined. Bigger screens, smaller keyboards and a mouse to open whatever you need to open. They made again changes, and in came the laptop because some people had to carry their information with them all the time. You also first had this cd disk which accommodated all your information and backups. Today you use a tiny memory card. You connect it to your laptop and there you go, everything is there for the world to see.

You can even get your books on a tablet. Where is the world going with all these things?!

I am not very technology literate, but I realise there have been changes in the way everything works now. To me, it is sometimes tough to adapt to all these modern “breakthroughs” as I call them. In the meantime, I have to keep up with the modifications, otherwise, I can’t manage my mobile phone and laptop.

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15 responses to “Creative Writing: Mobile phone”

  1. why there’s got to be a password and or a pin. your fingerprint or a screenpattern we tend to forget as we grow older, I wont ever grasp. Any stolen device gets used again without our passwords, pin’s or patterns. I think it is only to confuse us and make us feel old.

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    • Haha, now you’re talking. I just could not get my fingerprint to work. My son gave up on helping me. Then he came back and counted to ten and slowly showed me what to do. The young ones show so quickly, the older brain can’t keep up with it.


  2. The older one gets, the harder it is to keep up eith new tecnology. Ee had to buy a new TV this year and I eanted to buy s dmart TB. Fortunately my don in law heard snout it snd promptly told me that smart TV’s are outdated. I must buy an android TV. Mow we sit n our chairs and simly tell the tv what we want to see. And he complies!

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