21 thoughts on “Watercolor painting: More Loose flowers

    1. I’ve been hiding it since a young girl. My older sister is/ was always the talented one. You know how thinks were handled when we were young. At the moment I’m just enjoying it. I don’t have space to hang them, but that’s also okay I’ll keep filling the pages!

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      1. So many years wasted while you sister took off with her talents. But now it sounds like it is your time to shine! When you have no more wall space, you could start making hand-painted gift cards or uploading them and selling them on redbubble.

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    1. Thank you Michelle, I’m doing some lessons also on Skillshare on how to sell your products online. My children also say they love it. I see also that most artists use an online programme to fix their work which I do not agree with. It’s about the original work not a stiff neat as can be painting.

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